Databases - ASP.Net Basic Forms

ASP.Net is Microsoft's new solution for connecting web pages to a database.

This page is not intended as a tutorial (for that, see the excellent references at the bottom of this page), instead it shows how ASP.Net code is translated into html and is intended for a comparision to other pages on this site.

Element Comparisions | aspx file | Generated html | References

Element Comparisions

This is a simple comparision of a few form elements Of course, all ASP.Net elements have a runat="server" parameter.

aspx file

This is a simple aspx (ASP.Net) file created with notepad.exe

Generated html

This is the html the web browser sees (with extra carriage returns added for readability, some tabs removed and reformatted, and most of the calendar code removed to save space). Notice that all the links call __doPostBack ... but with different parameters. The first parameter specifies which ASP object was clicked, the second is object specific. Both are automatically assigned by IIS. In addition to the values associated with form elements, these 3 parameters are returned.


W2 Schools provides a very good tutorial and lots of examples

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