Databases - DAO

DAO (Data Access Objects) is yet another way to access databases.

It supports both Microsoft Jet workspaces (*.mdb files) and ODBC access (via ODBCDirect).

In ADO, DAO and RDO in Visual Basic, Microsoft explains the main differences. Basically, ADO is the newest and should be used for new applications - except in those instances where you need to use DAO.

MS Access | Delphi

MS Access 97

Apparently, DAO is the default access method for MS Access 97. However, for use with MS Access 2002, the library needs to be added and your code modified.

2 copies of VBA/DAO help are available on my system

DAO360.CHM appears to be available by pressing F1 while in MS Access - look under Contents for Microsoft Data Access Objects 3.60 (DAO).

Delphi 5.0

In Delphi 5.0, I use KADAO ... mainly because it is free and because ADO was not included in Delphi 5 Pro (it is part of Delphi 6 Pro).

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