Delphi 2006 - ECO Child's Play Tutorial
Basic One-to-Many Relationship

This is ridiculous - the highly touted BDNtv: ECO is Child's Play demo looks easy ... but how do you start?

That's right - there are no written instructions.

This page supplies the MISSING written instructions so that you to can execute the demo. I have renamed a few of the components to clarify the example and have removed a few actions that don't appear to be needed. At any rate, I have tested these instructions with both C# and Delphi.NET, and, except for the file sizes, only the tab names are slightly different.

To get these steps, I had to watch the demo many times and, in some cases, advance it only a few frames at a time to determine what was actually happening.

One reason that this was so difficult is that the demo is too large (1024 x 768 plus status bar, control bar, and other stuff) for my screen (1280 x 800) ... as a result, I can not see both the top and the bottom of the demo at the same time. Other issues include

(It barely fit on a 1280 x 1024 screen used for part of the analysis.)

Overview | Starting the Application | UML Data Model | WinForm | Persistence | Execute | Debug | Notes on the Demo


ECO allows you to design a database application by The steps below will show you ONE way to do this.

Starting the Application

In actuality, you can use either C# or Delphi.NET to start an ECO WinForms Application.

UML Data Model


This creates a simple user interface.


Create something for the UpdateDatabase button to work with


Execute the project and it should work.


The first time I ran the application ... it failed with There is absolutely NO local (F1) or online help for this error ... I was on my own.

It turned out that I forgot to set Teachers_UIExpressionHandle.BindingContext ... notice that the property name does NOT contain a space and that the error message does.

This is the full message ... notice that there is nothing to indicate which component had the problem.

After about 4 hours searching, I found something via google that eventually indicated where the problem might be.

Notes on the Demo

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
URL: http:// / user / clemenzi / technical / Databases / Delphi / ECO / ECO_Tutorial_ChildsPlay.html