Miscellaneous Problems

These are just some miscellaneous problems that I've encountered that were fairly hard to solve.

xsqlda index out of range | FoxPro Table Names and Spaces

xsqlda index out of range

When trying to set I received the following error This occurred both when running the program and when setting the parameter in the Delphi IDE Object Inspector.

I was using a data module that inherits several components from another data module. In this case, the query object on the parent data module had TIBQuery.Params set to some value. On the child data module, TIBQuery.ParamCheck was set to False and the Params property was cleared via the IDE. The error was generated because, in this situation, the Params.Count property is not cleared (set to zero) even though the actual number of parameters is zero.

There are several possible solutions

This problem was harder to find than normal because

BTW, ParamCheck cause the parameters property to be automatically generated when the SQL property is modified - it does NOT control using the parameters (which is why I disabled it - it is true by default).

FoxPro Table Names and Spaces

Using the Delphi 6 ADO components on Windows XP, you can read FoxPro tables when their names contain spaces - but you can not modify the tables.

If you try to write to the table, the you get a "file not found" error message from the Microsoft ODBC driver - because the driver generates the error, I believe that this is a Microsoft design problem ... not a Delphi problem.

It does not matter if the directory path contains spaces ... just the table names.

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