Databases - Producing images in a Delphi Web Server

On a web page, images are included via the img tag. Obviously, for this to work, your web server must

Adding a graphic

This code automatically generates a jpeg file which is displayed in the web page.

The basic idea is to

This example plots a graph This displays the spectra

In this example, only a single filename is used over and over. In reality, this won't work ... the new data will never be seen because the first image is stored in a cache and only the cached copy will be displayed. In the real code, each image is given a unique filename - then additional code is necessary to delete images which are over 2 hours old.


All the images created by a web server should be placed in a directory used for no other purpose. In some cases, it makes since to create a special alias for that directory. Therefore, this physical directory would be accessed as

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