Databases - How to quit Subroutines, Forms, and Applications

Leaving Subroutines, Forms, and Applications is basic to all programming languages. It shouldn't be so hard to find these commands.

MS Access | Delphi

MS Access 97

According to the help, Quit (interpreted as Application.Quit) is the preferred command to close MS Access. However, when the wizard creates a Quit Application button, it uses DoCmd.Quit. (VisualBasic uses Unload for this function.)

DoCmd.Close closes the current form. With additional parameters, it can close any open object - Table, Query, Form, Report, Marco, or Module.

CloseCurrentDatabase is used by the Switchboard - it closes the current database without closing MS Access.

Delphi 5.0

The help suggests using goto to get out of nested loops. When used like this, goto does not violate the basics of structured programming.

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