Firebird and the Borland Database Explorer

The Borland Database Explorer is available from the Delphi menu via Database / Explore. This allows you to

Define a BDE alias

Before you can view information about a database, you must first define an alias.

Notice that there are 2 types of BDE aliases

In the Database Explorer, the data displayed and functions you can perform are different depending on which is selected - the INTERBASE driver always provides more capability.

Open/Close the Database Connection

There are several ways to open and close the connection

The default Username/Password is SysDBA / MasterKey (this does not appear to be case sensitive).

View tables, their data, and their structures

Once a database is Opened, you can select a table and view its structure and contents. When looking at the Columns summary, be sure that View is set for Detail so that you can see all the data.

Create new tables

First open a Firebird database.

Via the Object / New menu selection, it is possible to create new objects ... including new tables. The trick is to first select either an existing object of the same type or select the header for that type of object. You can also select New... from the right click popup menu.

Only Firebird databases allow you to create new tables - Paradox and ForPro databases do not allow this.

Apparently, Domains allow you to define constraints without specifying a field (column). Then when you define a table, use the predefined domains to define the column parameters.

This only works with an INTERBASE alias, it does not work with an ODBC alias.

Adding Fields (Columns)

With either a new or an existing table, to add a new field (column)

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