Firebird Tools

When I started developing Firebird databases for use with Delphi 5, there were a number of problems ... and basically, I found the available tool sets to be unusable. As a result, I wrote a number of tools to simplify the tasks I had to perform. This page describes some of those tools. Note - this software is still under development, it is provided as is. I use it every day and find it useful.

Notes: These tools were developed using Delphi 5. I am not making the source available because there are a lot of libraries and I don't want everyone to see what a mess they are.

These tools use only the default UserID and Password.


All 4 exe files read the Firebird_Aliases.ini file located in the same directory as the exe file. As a result, it is necessary to modify that file before any of the programs will work.

When developing software, I found that I was using the same group of databases for all the related programs.

The 4 tools provided in the zip file use the same ini file.

I find this method very user friendly


This program allows you to see and edit every table in the databases referenced in Firebird_Aliases.ini.



This program allows you to run queries against the databases referenced in Firebird_Aliases.ini.

Remember - any table or field name that should be mixed case MUST be enclosed in double quotes.


This is a web based (CGI) version of Firebird_Viewer.exe - via a web browser, it allows you to examine (but not edit) all the tables in the databases referenced in Firebird_Aliases.ini.



This program is used to populate new copies of the databases. It automatically reads the Firebird_Aliases.ini file in the same directory and processes a data definition file.

To run this as a stand alone program, use

Most of the time, I run it via a bat file (see below).


This example is from Users_LU.dat This is the file The above dat file will create 5 sql statements similar to the following These files allow any number of comments and blank lines :)

Example bat File

To fully automate database creation and initialization, I use *.bat files that The echo's make debug much easier I run this by simply double clicking the bat file. The pause keeps the dos window from closing so that I can see the errors ... if any.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
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