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How to plot data.

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MS Access 97

In order to plot your data, you must use an extremely stupid wizard via one of these methods Even though the results are practically worthless, continue to enter data until the last screen is reached. The final result will be an OLE component - Microsoft Graph 97 Chart.

Create a new query for the Row Source property where the first returned value will be used to label the x-axis and each additional field will be a series in the graph.

When displayed as an xy plot, the first field will be the x-values and each additional field will represent a series.

Now you need to double click the chart component - this starts Microsoft Graph. From the menu, select Data / Series in Columns. (On my system, the default is Data / Series in rows.)

Series in Columns causes each value in the select statement to be treated as a series.

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Delphi 5.0

Visual Basic 6.0


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