Highlighting Records

When displaying several records, it is sometimes useful to modify the presentation of those records which meet certain criteria (such as making negative numbers red).

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This is the newValue event attached to the Computed_Age UI_Field. It is called each time a new value is displayed.
method newValue(var eventInfo Event)
  if self <> Correct_Age_UI_Field
    then self.font.color = Red
    else self.font.color = Black
endmethod newValue

MS Access 97

MS Access does not provide any way to modify a single record when multiple records are displayed. In both cases, modifies the color for all the records, not just the current record. I partially solved the problem by creating an edit field where the Control Source was set to This basically works ... except when the scroll bar is used to see all the records. When the scroll bar tab is dragged, the asterisks tend to disappear. (Generally, you'll loose a few at a time.) Fortunately, they reappear when the mouse is released.

A Free Third Part Fix

FormatByCriteria (free - by Stephen Lebans) provides that functionality. It works by drawing a background around the appropriate control, record, or column. The implementation directly calls the operating system - user32, kernel32, gdi32. This is necessary to determine the position of the scroll bar.

Delphi 5.0

Visual Basic 6.0


Author: Robert Clemenzi - clemenzi@cpcug.org
URL: http:// cpcug.org / user / clemenzi / technical / Databases / HighlightingRecords.html