Databases - ODBC

ODBC - Open Database Connectivity - Microsoft's way to provide a standard interface for programs.

MDAC - Microsoft Data Access Components

ACC2000: Reverting to the Access 97 ODBC Driver After Installing MDAC (Q237575)
"Installing MDAC version 2.1 or later overwrites the Microsoft Access 97 ODBC driver with the Access 2000 ODBC driver without warning. "
MDAC - Microsoft Data Access Components
This replaces ODBC, ADO 2.7 download
HOWTO: Have Your ODBC Jet 3.5 and 4.0 Applications Co-exist (Q244040)
One of the news groups says to execute (install) both MDAC_typ.exe and Jet40sp3_Comp.exe. (I wonder how that differs from Jet40SP5_9xNT.exe?)
INFO: MDAC Version 2.6 and Later Do Not Contain Jet or Desktop ODBC Drivers (Q271908)
MDAC would not install until IE 4.72 was upgraded. The IE 6 install downloads 21 Meg and includes Outlook. Give me a break.

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