Most database development systems provide a way to produce Reports - paper output.

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MS Access 97

When you create a report, the wizard normally generates a single group header. If you want this header to be repeated at the top of each page that this group appears on, set its Repeat Section property to Yes.

Somtimes, you may want only a subset of the data printed at the top of the group's continuation pages (additional pages generated because the group won't fit on a single page). To do this, create a second Group Header with the same criteria. In the first header, set the Repeat Section property to No; in the second, set Repeat Section to Yes. Then the first header is printed at the beginning of the group, and the second header is printed at the beginning of the group and at the top of each continuation page.

For instance, I normally place headings over the detail records, not next to each field. When the detail records are on two or more pages, I want only the field headings to be placed on each page. To do this, the headings must be placed in a second Group Header.

To add a Group Header

To get a group header to print on a continuation page, Set Repeat Section to Yes.

Page Layout

On a per report basis, you set the following properties via File / Page Setup...

MarginsTop, Bottom, Left, Right
PagePortrait/Landscape, Paper Source, Prefered printer
ColumnsNumber, Size, Spacing, Order
Used for defining labels - one record each

Common Calculated Fields

Calculated fields are defined by placing a Text Box (Edit Control) and setting its Control Source property to an equation which starts with an equals sign. These examples are frequently used in report headers and footers.

Delphi 5.0

Delphi reports are based on QuickReports.

Page Layout

Those properties listed in MS Access's File / Page Setup... dialog box are regular properties in Delphi's TQuickRep Property Sheet (Object Inspector) - see QuickRep.Page. However, Delphi is missing MS Access's Row Spacing.

Visual Basic 6.0


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