Basic Tags

<br> Break - Same as a hard return <p> Paragraph - Two hard returns <p align=center> Stays in effect until next <p> or <hr> Allows - left | center | right

Indenting Text

<blockquote> Indents text between tags </blockquote> <ul> Indents text between tags and defines a list </ul> You can also use tables to control indents and tabs.

The Handicap Accessibility Guidelines state that it is wrong to indent text in order to make it more readable.

Comments - Used to hide text from the users

<! comment> Comment which can not contain other tags <!-- <p>comment --> Comment which can contain additional tags

Horizontal Rules - draws a line across the display

<HR> Horizontal Rule (line) <hr><! ********************************************************> <hr size="5" noshadow align=center width=40%> Width is absolute or %
The width, thickness and alignment can be controlled.
Asterisks make it easier to see the tags.

Tags to keep text from wrapping

<PRE>..</PRE> 	Preformatted - Use courier, keep spacing, no line wrap
		  Imbedded codes are interpreted
<XMP>..</XMP>   Example - obsolete (deprecated), replaced by <pre>
		  Imbedded codes are NOT interpreted
                  Since no other tag does this, it should not be deprecated

Main Structural Tags

<html> <head> <title> This goes in the title bar </title> </head> <body> Your page goes here </body> </html> Well formed pages have these, but they are not required (yet).

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
URL: http:// / user / clemenzi / technical / HTML_Examples / Basics.htm