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<img src=your_image.gif border=0 height=50 width=190 alt="image description, this image does not exist"> image description, this image does not exist

Always provide an alt string which is displayed before the image is downloaded and/or if images are disabled. In IE 4.72, the alt tag is also displayed when the mouse simply points to the image. Netscape 4.05 does not display the alt tag when loading images. It does display when the mouse points to the image and when images are disabled.

Specifying both the height and width speeds up the display speed.

In general, implentation is browser dependent and not reliable (predictable). Additional parameters

HTML 4.0

Almost everything about the img tag is depricated (made obsolete) in HTML 4.0.

However, because the cost of converting a billion web pages is astronomical, I can't imagine a browser that won't implement all the depricated functions.

AOL JPEG Problems

AOL admits that they are causing a problem with JPEG images. In theory, graphics compression should improve the performance of the AOL servers. However, it causes JPEGs to look grainy. One of my favorite sites is Astronomy Picture of the Day which has a different image (JPEG) every day. Many of these are beautiful Hubble images. On my machine, they're gorgeous. However, on a friend's machine (with an AOL connection, of course) they are hideous with low resolution and lots of speckles.

To fix this on your machine, turn off "Use Compressed Graphics".
My AOL / Preferences / WWW / Web Graphics
uncheck Use Conpressed Graphics and click OK

If you're developing pages with graphics, include a warning for your AOL users that the pictures look worse because they don't have real internet access.
(Or be nice and suggest how they can fix it. :)

For additional information on various AOL problems, see AOL Design Information.

Additional References

A good discussion of scanning and PhotoCD. Contains information on using a database to track images. How to use cookies to customize user presentation.

A comparision of JPG and GIF formats

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