Search Engines - Summary

These are some of the more popular web search engines.
These results are for "configuring windows explorer". Notice that the double quotes are required for an accurate count.
Date Infoseek Altavista Yahoo Excite WebCrawler
07-28-98 #1 6 of top 10 - - -
11-02-98 #1 14 of top 15
best date 8-17-98
1 of 2 - -
02-25-99 #1 16 of top 20 None All 7 of 7
Without double quotes,
4th in 1.7M
11-19-99 #1 1 and 3 of 16
0 via RankThis
1 of 8
References page
4 of top 10
0 via RankThis

As of 11-19-99, RankThis! should no longer be used because it gives false results. Its not entirely their fault - the search engines are returning urls inside other urls. However, this means that no matches are made for anyone ... ever.

On 11-02-98, Infoseek indexed on only the cookbook which didn't reference the index page. The standard index link was added to the cookbook 11-02-98.

On 11-02-98, Yahoo only referrenced the Registry EditFlags which already has a reference to the index.

These results are for idc/htx.
Date Infoseek Altavista Yahoo Excite WebCrawler
02-25-99 #6 of 47 Not in top 50 None None None
11-19-99 None None None None None

These results are for "clemenzi/technical".
Date Infoseek Altavista Yahoo Excite WebCrawler
02-25-99 0 26
latest date 8-98
0 7 0
Infoseek appears to not index URLs.
Since both these pages have been referrenced recently (10-98) in newsgroups (by me of cource :), perhaps that is important in getting a site registered/indexed. As the results above show, spidering and self-registration do not seem sufficient to get a site registered.