HTML Examples - Style Guide

There are already enough style guides on the internet. Therefore, there is obsolutely no reason for another.

On the other hand, people do a lot of things which I find extemely irritating. This is a collection of some of them.

Invisible Front Pages

A site's front page needs to load quickly and be useable in every available browser ... even with Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, and images disabled. For example, under these conditions You can usually determine how to get around the problem by right clicking the blank page and selecting View Source.

The total size of a front page should be less than 30 Kb including all the imbedded graphics.

Piracy via Frames

Never, ever, open some one else's page in your frame unless you have their explicit approval. This extemely rude practice is nothing short of piracy and it should never be tolerated.

Among other things, many pages are designed to require a minimum amount of display space. When one of these pages is opened in someone else's frame, the page is too wide, and it becomes necessary to scroll the page horizontally in order to view the content.

The user group I belong to (and that hosts this site) practices this garbage. You can visit (nothing displays in IE 4.72 unless JavaScript is enabled) and select Members Pages. The listed pages are private sites developed by members of the organization. Click on a few of these to see what I mean.

This official AOL site has a frame across the top with animated ads.

This will show you how to prevent frame piracy.

Never ever use client-side automatic redirects because people find it very frustrating to get locked into a site where the back button no longer works.

Server-side redirects are fine because they dosen't screw up the user's browser.


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