Special Symbols

Special symbols always begin with an ampersand (&) and end with a semicolon (;). They may be placed anywhere in a page.
&& Ampersand (just & unless combined with symbol)
>> Greater Than
<&lt; Less Than
 &nbsp; Non-breakable Space
±&plusmn; Plus/Minus
µ&micro; Micro
°&deg; Degrees - 75°F
×&times; A x B | A * B | A × B
÷&divide; A ÷ B
·&middot; A · B
¬&not; ¬ A
®&reg; Registered
©&copy; Copyright
¬&not; ¬ A
&para; Paragraph

Character Entities for ISO Latin-1

There are several methods to display Greek letters

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