HTML Examples - VBScript Reads Registry

In July 1998, the html file shown below was recieved when you requested
The url displayed as
Which loosly translates to
Which appears to mean
   CancelURL=The calling page (this file syntax won't work with Netscape)
  &FinishURL=The page I want
(Netscape requires different slashes than IE4 to read a file from a floppy.)

It appears that if you are running Windows 98, then this page is pulling data out of the registry and sending it back to Microsoft. If true, this is a major security / privacy problem.

Specifically, it appears to return "RegWizCtrl.MSID" and either an operating system version number or information on whether or not this software was registered. I don't know enough to be sure.

The file shown below was reformatted to make it easier to read. In addition, the 2 registry keys that the script appears access are highlighted in red. (Scripting and Active X need to be disabled to capture this.)

<TITLE>Microsoft Corporation</TITLE>
<OBJECT ID="RegWizCtrl" STYLE="display: none" 
        WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0>
<SCRIPT FOR=window EVENT=onload LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
 if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE") >= 0 &&  
     navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows 98") >= 0)
   location.href = CheckFlags();
   location.href = "/REGWIZ/wiz110.asp?CRF=Y&RWI=Y&CancelURL=

 Function CheckFlags()
	on error resume next
	document.vlinkColor = document.bgColor
	document.alinkColor = document.bgColor
	document.linkColor = document.bgColor
	aProdKeys = Array("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion", _
			  "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion")
	sBuffer = "/REGWIZ/wiz110.asp?
           &RegMSID=" & RegWizCtrl.MSID & "
	for iCounter = LBound( aProdKeys ) to UBound( aProdKeys )
	  RegWizCtrl.IsRegistered = aProdKeys( iCounter )
	  if RegWizCtrl.IsRegistered then
	    if err.number = 0 then
	      sBuffer = sBuffer & "&D=" & CStr( iCounter )
	    end if
	  end if
	  if err.number then err.clear
	CheckFlags = sBuffer
 End Function
rem -->

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" leftmargin=0 TEXT="#336699" LINK="#003366" 
      VLINK="#0099cc" ALINK="#003366" TOPMARGIN=0>
<FONT FACE="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" SIZE=2>
<A HREF="/REGWIZ/wiz110.asp?
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