1. In order of importance, what areas would you rank the greatest needs are at Osbourn Park?
    (1 by the greatest need)

      A. Student Prep for SOLS

      B. Family Friendly Atmosphere

      C. Facility Improvements

      D. Technology Exposure & Use

      E. Student Test Results (SAT, PSAT, AP, Etc…)

Agree               Disagree
  5      4      3      2      1
2. I feel well informed about happenings, activities, and programs.
3. I feel satisfied with the educational programs offered at Osbourn Park.
4. I feel my child is safe at school.
5. I feel Osbourn Park is adequately serving my child’s educational, social and emotional needs.
6. I feel Osbourn Park is preparing my child for post-secondary work/education.
Additional Comments:
(Please comment on Osbourn Park’s academic progress, school activities, communication with parents, etc.)