html Generators

Several common programs claim to be able to generate html documents. This page reviews (roasts) a few of them.

MS Word 97

Original Formatting After Conversion
Single spaced lines terminated by hard returns Double space lines
Indented text using Ctrl-Tab Left justified because tabs are not rendered - 	 was coded instead. Actually, Word shows it indented, but IE does not.
<DIR> commands are deprecated and functionally equivalent to <UL> commands. suggests using UL instead of DIR.

MS Word 97 SR-1

I have witnessed the following conversions, but I can not recreate them.
Original Formatting After Conversion
The text was centered Left justified (a leading tab had no effect)
A table created with columns 6 <DIR> commands
Indented text Left justified because tabs are not rendered. In other places, <DIR> commands are used to indent text.

Word 97 (no upgrades)

While some tables don't convert correctly, others simply convert poorly. In one test, tables were defined with a fixed width (638 - the web default is to autosize). There is no way to change this to autosize. Text was aligned in a table cell using - <P ALIGN="RIGHT"> - which may or may not work in IE 5.0. (I've seen it both ways.)

Word 97 Differences

Basic SR 1
Create html Select File / Save as HTML... Select File / Save As... and set the Save as type to HTML Document
View html View / HTML Source There is no way to view the document's html codes
File Save The Save as type includes file extensions File extensions are not shown

Word 97 Examples

A few examples are provided here.

Office 2000

When Office 2000 applications create html, they use tons of style sheets and other unfriendly tags. It is truely a mess. (But the pages look great if your browser supports all that stuff.) Microsoft provides the Office 2000 HTML Filter 2.0 to remove the style sheets and other junk. You might find this useful.


This freeware package is a step up from notepad. It provides Its main drawback is the lack of WYSIWYG editing. Also, the Java menu class is flakey - it works from the local drive but not from the internet. There are a few additional problems, but it seems well behaved.

MS FrontPage

If an html file is generated from MS Word and then you double click the filename from inside FrontPage - suprise, it opens in Word. To open it in FrontPage, you must delete (modify) the Generator metatag.

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