ActionScript - Absolutely Insane

With a big name like Adobe, you would expect these people to have a clue.

This is a (hopefully) small collection of insane points - "features" that make no sense at all.


The built-in help for loadDictionary (pdf) says Everyone knows that ASCII code 10 is a Linefeed, Carriage Return is actually a 13. (The web page shows that this was fixed 11-01-2007 ... however, as of 01-15-08, it is still wrong in the pdf and the local help you get pressing F1.)

Unfortunately, ActionScript3 messes up with DOS/Windows text files which end in CR/LF - 13,10 - instead of the Unix LF - 10 - line termination character.

Code Writing

The way you write code could not be more user hostile This is so bad that you would think this is 1985 or something. These guys must have never written a real program in their lives.

Debug crashes Flash

Flash crashes so often ... you would think it was never tested. Debug mode is very shakey ... ALWAYS save before each run. Apparently, this is the error I thought I was able to keep Java OFF my machine ... guess not ... now I've got another serious parasite to contend with.

There is no way to process pending messages

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