Create a New Directory

I wanted a program to simplify creating a new directory from inside Windows Explorer. Since this is a very simple program, it serves as a good comparision of various compilers.

The VB 6.0 exe (24 kb) is a lot smaller than the Delphi exe (169 kb). However, the VB distribution package is much bigger - 1.46 Mb vs 169 kb. When used via Windows Explorer, both programs are fairly quick.
Warning: Both programs have been tested under MS Windows 95 only.

These programs were designed to let the user create a new directory using Windows Explorer. Using View / Options... / File Types, edit Folder and add a Create Directory menu selection. The command line should be C:\Utils\CreateDir.exe "%1" (as appropriate). Notice that Delphi requires the double quotes around the %1; for VB, the double quotes are optional.

To use this, in Windows Explorer, right click on any directory and select Create Directory. A dialog box displays the selected directory and allows you to enter the name of a new sub-directory. Various validity checks prevent the user from entering bad characters.

This procedure is more intuitive than having to open a directory, right click in the empty space, select New / Folder, and then having to re-name it.

Visual Basic | Delphi | C++ Builder

Visual Basic 6.0

CreateNewDir.exe 24 Kb ----- Distribution 1.46 Mb, Support 2.85 Mb
(If you want this, download CreateNewDirectory.frm (5 kb) and compile it yourself. Its just too large to distribute.)


CreateDir.exe 169 Kb ----- No additional files needed for distribution (Source)

C++ Builder

When I get a chance.
Author: Robert Clemenzi -
URL: http:// / user / clemenzi / technical / Languages / CreateNewDirectory.htm