Debug Tools

Each complier comes with additional debug tools. Some of the more useful ones (that I know of) are described here.

Visual Basic | Delphi | C++ Builder | Windows OS | Third Party

Visual Basic 6.0

The following tools appear to come with any MS Visual Studio product.

Depends Dependancy viewer displays every api call that an executable (exe, dll, ocx, ...) makes. It tells you what file the entry is in, what directory it is in, its version and date. Simply executing the tool automatically adds the appropriate entries to the registry so that when you right click any executable, View Dependances is one of the options.
WinDiff Compares 2 files or 2 directories and displays the differences. In general, I prefer ExamDiff, except that WinDiff also compares directories. You should try them both.


WinSight This lists every component displayed on the desktop. You can watch the parameters change. (Double click to see additional info.) Can trace windows messages. Available via Start / Programs / Delphi / WinSight32
Image Editor This allows you to create and/or edit resource files. Available from the Delphi 5 menu via Tools / Image Editor.

C++ Builder

Same as Delphi above.

Windows OS

Several come with Windows itself, or with MS Office.

notepad This is the most important tool on any system.
MSinfo Names every loaded executable - exe, dll, ocx, ... Comes with MS Office and other MS apps. Version 4.10 does NOT support column sorting.
Available via Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Information
WinTop Free from the MS web site. Lists all loaded executables and shows processor usage.

Third Party

Resource Hacker FREEWARE utility to view, modify, add, and delete resources in Win32 executables (exe, dll, ocx, cpl, bpl) and *.res files. I have used this to debug icon and mouse cursor problems.
ExamDiff FREEWARE utility to compare 2 files. The Pro (not free) version compares directories and indicates which word or character is different.

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