Delphi - Using BreakPoints

All modern languages with interactive IDE's (Integrated Development Environments) provide a way to set breakpoints. In Delphi, lines of code (as opposed to comments and blank lines) are marked with blue dots in the left hand margin. To set a breakpoint, double click one of the blue dots. (A large red dot indicates that a breakpoint is set.) When the program executes that line, normal execution will halt and the Delphi IDE will allow you view (and change) the current values of most variables (including object/component properties).

To turn off a breakpoint, just double click it.

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Properties Overview

To configure a breakpoint, right click the red dot and select Breakpoint Properties...

Using Non-Breaking Breakpoints in Delphi by Cary Jensen is a great place to start.

Before I read this, I had no idea that breakpoints even had properties.

Two features presented in this article need an additional comment


There is no visual indication of a Data breakpoint in the source code ... use View / Debug Windows / Breakpoints.

It isn't clear if breakpoints are saved - test this

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