Configuring the Delphi IDE

Delphi is great ... but the IDE (the user interface) can be improved (a little).

These are some of the changes I like - what I like and what you like will be different.

Toolbars | Debug Toolbar | View_Toolbar | Rearrange Toolbars | Component Toolbar | Colors


The Delphi IDE provides 6 configured toolbars - you should make an effort to understand the use of each option.

To edit the toolbars

Basically, I place any function that I use 3 or 4 times an hour on a toolbar.

(This is also available from the menu via View / Toolbars / Customize...)

Apparently, there is no way to add additional toolbar sections.

It is also possible to rearrange (move) the toolbars.

You can identify the toolbar names by turning off the associated checkboxes on the Toolbars tab.

Debug Toolbar

The default Debug Toolbar is pretty good, but using the instructions above, I add the following commands

Because this toolbar is now longer, I drag the View Toolbar from the left of the Debug Toolbar to the empty space in the upper right of the IDE and move the Debug Toolbar all the way to the left. To make things look right (balanced with no empty spaces), I add a vertical bar between Run to Cursor and View Local Variables and Use Unit to the Standard Toolbar.

View Toolbar

Using the instructions above, I add the following commands

Rearrange Toolbars

Depending on your screen resolution, it may be possible to delete the Desktops Toolbar and move the rest to the top line ... next to the menu. Then I move the Component Toolbar all the way to the left so that I don't need to scroll it.

Component Toolbar

Instead of moving the toolbars around, you may prefer to change the order of the tabs on the Component Toolbar I use this order (once again, if you use it more than once a day, make it easy to use). Remember, the actual order is not important ... just be sure that you don't have to scroll.


I use colors to help find typing errors. For instance, select Tools / Editor Options... / Color and set The exact color you use depends on your monitor - some combinations work very good on one monitor and are unreadable on another. The object is to pick colors that make it easier to see problems (like a missing string quote).

To set the background color, right click.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
URL: http:// / user / clemenzi / technical / Languages / Delphi / Configuring_IDE.html