Delphi Logo Applications

For an application to carry the "Designed for Windows xx" certification and logo (image), it must meet certain standards.

In my opinion, some of these are good (a given icon means the same thing in all applications) and some are bad (all configuration data must be stored in the registery).

Unfortunately, the standards vary depending on the operating system you want your software to run on.

Win95/98 Logo Application | Windows 98 vs XP | dotNet | References

Win95/98 Logo Application

From the Delphi 5 menu, select File / New... / Projects / Win95/98 Logo Application

Provides menus

Seven toolbar buttons, actions

On my system, the files for this are located at

Included Icons

This project provides 16 icons (bitmaps) in an ImageList, but only a few are used. There is no documentation, but I am assuming that most of these are the icons distributed with the Windows 98 SDK ... which is no longer available.


This example contains several File actions. Normally, the associated menu options would not be enabled unless the HandlesTarget method returned True. However, in this case, the menu options are enabled because the OnExecute property is set. (This feature is not documented in the Delphi help.)

Windows 98 vs XP

One of the points of user interface standards is to make it easier for the users to use the system. As a result, toolbar icons are standardized so that the user will immediately associate an action with an image.

However, Microsoft changed the suggested user interface icons for Windows XP. As a result, users must learn a completely new set of images. In my opinion, this is a very user hostile thing to do. (On the other hand, if the user interface wasn't visually different, most users would never see a reason to spend >$500 to "upgrade" their operating system and office products.)

Below are some of the differences with respect to 95/98.

98 XP
16 colors 16-bit and 32-bit colors
2 sizes 3 sizes
Flat, front view Perspective, 3D look
Square corners Rounded corners
You can use screen capture software to get icons Icons must now be drawn from scratch since a mask is now needed
rtf-based help files html-based help files

From these differences, it should be obvious that applications designed to the new XP standards will not be able to run under older operating systems.


Well, dotNet has its own logo standards. The most important change is that configuration data is now stored in *.ini files instead of the registry.

Help files are now based on compiled html.


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