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MemCheck (free) finds memory leaks - the Tutorial is a good place to start

To run this you need to enable debug, turn off optimization, and link debug info. As a result

      400 KB  Normal exe
      404 KB  exe with optimization turned off and stack frames enabled
    2,903 KB  exe with TD32 debug info linked

Access Violation

At first, MemCheck did NOT work with KADao components - it caused an access violation in which calls in MemCheck.pas (using Delphi 5). A comment in the code states

The solution is the select

This caused all the KADao *.dcu files to be recompiled.

Note: This is not an issue with KADao components, it applies to any code compiled without stack frames - I'm just using KADao as an example.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
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