Comparing Computer Languages - Java Versions

Beware - Java is a dangerous language.

There are numerous versions of Java (hmmm, there must be problems). This page recounts some of my experiences.

I was helping a friend with a Java/Swing course (Sept 2001). There was a required book with an included CD. Using the supplied Java 2 v1.2.1, the swing sliders would not work - you could drag the sliders ok, but when you released them (released the mouse button) part of the slider disappeared.

Obvious solution, try Java 2 v1.2.2 - same crap.

After several days of spinning our wheels and getting nowhere, we gave up and declared Java to be brain dead.

Well, 2 months after the project was due, we tried Java 2 v1.3.1_01. Well, that fixed the problem, and several others. It turned out to be a Java design problem after all. (Apparently, 1.3.1 fixes several paint method bugs.) I do expect that the examples given in a book will work with the compiler supplied with the book.

The leason here is simple

If the code looks good, but it still doesn't work - don't assume that it is your fault.
Don't assume that your code will run on any machine except yours.
Java is a waste of time.

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