Symbol Pocket PC - Basic Settings

When you first turn on the Symbol Pocket PC, or perform a hard reset, these are the settings I use.

After Boot | General Settings | Wireless Network

After Boot

There is no option, you must do this

General Settings

This device is used primarily as a barcode reader - not as someone's personal toy. These settings reflect this usage.

Start / Settings / Personal

Start / Settings / System


there is a setting to control the computer speed - make the computer slower so the battery will last longer

Configuring the Wireless Network

For this to work, you need to be in range of a working, broadcasting wireless network. (For security purposes, broadcasting should be turned off.)

From the main screen (ie, close everything), click the icon in the lower right hand corner.

To use Pocket IE to browse "local" servers, nothing else has to be configured.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
URL: http:// / user / clemenzi / technical / Languages / PocketPC / BasicSettings.html