Comparing Computer Languages - PowerBuilder 6.0

This page currently contains PowerBuilder 6.0 specific notes. It will be reorganized into an index later.

This program is slow. The compiles are very slow. The Object Window is so slow I thought the computer had hung.

the null object reference error is common when you compile something.

All code windows must be closed before you can compile and run.

Almost all windows must be closed before you can display the list of included files (libraries).

The property editors are modal and must be closed to do anything else, including selecting another component.

There is no way to open a new application until you display the application window - about 2.5 minutes to wait for nothing. Then File / Open ... is available. (Maybe I forgot to mention how slow this thing is - NT 4.0 64M)

I strongly recommend not using this product. It is highly illogical, very slow, and difficult to learn.

Basic Component Parameters

Enumerated constants always end in '!' - 'Arrow!'.

There are only a few (26) basic components. The toolbar and statusbar are missing. However, the toolbar is defined as part of the menu, and a status bar is part of the MDI Frame with Microhelp window. There are no splitter bars, but one of the examples has them. (The help says that a splitter control is in the PFC.)

Double clicking a component opens the property editor.

Component help is hard to find - F1 won't find it. You have to type the component name into the help index.

The supplied examples are excellent. Unfortunately, I can't figure out the underlying code. You can't really run one form (window) by itself. Run executes the entire application; Run Window has unresolved references. While the app is running, there is no way to browse the code. The necessary help/structure is shown only while it is running. And around in circles we run.

What is a frame, what is a sheet? The frame has Window Type: MIDI Frame The sheet has Window Type: Main and is a child window. Each can have its own menu.

The default application template will run on Windows, Unix, and Macintosh. There is no easy way to read all the code.

Setting Font Colors


ScrollBar Control

hsb_1.MaxPosition = 1000
hsb_1.MinPosition = 500
hsb_1.Position    = 750

The properties help for HScrollBar and VScrollBar do not provide a way to set the width (height) of the slider. However, units per line and lines per page may help.

From the Scrolling in Windows and User Objects help

Menus and ToolBars

Toolbars are defined as part of the menu. All toolbars can be re-positioned.

Some important menu properties

ToolbarItemIndex   Non-zero to display, each index is on a separate line
ToolbarItemOrder   Order of the buttons
ToolbarItemSpace   Non-zero produces a vertical bar

It appears that a good selection of standard toolbar icons is supplied.

You may have to run the form several times before the changes show. There is no way to simply browse the code (click events) tied to menus, or to see which selections have no code attached.

Opening an Existing Design

This software is very non-intuitive. I can't seem to figure out how to simply re-compile an existing project.



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