Delphi 5.0

This component has a fatal flaw - it only holds 61,725 bytes max. (In another case, it held 62,047 bytes.)

In addition, there is no error or warning when you try to write over the maximum amount. Of course, none of this is in the Delphi 5 help. (The help actually says that strings can be up to 2GB.)

It appears that TMemo is actually a Windows control and, therefore, the amount of data it can hold depends on the operating system - ie, it will vary from platform to platform. In the Windows API help - an edit control can have 65,535 bytes max, see EM_SETLIMITTEXT.

If you need a component that holds more data, use TRichEdit. I have verified that this component can handle over 500 Kb. (There is no built-in right click popup menu, and you may want to set PlainText to true.)

Lines (based on TStrings) is the most important property - it actually holds the text. This also stores large amounts of text - as long as you don't need to view it.

Author: Robert Clemenzi - clemenzi@cpcug.org
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