Tab Controls

Most modern languages provide some sort of tab control. This control is presented as a series of tabs - when one is clicked, only those controls associated with that page are displayed. This provides a way to develop large forms (ie, lots of controls) which do not need to be scrolled.

In general, the tab control is live in both design and run modes. (Before these controls became available, I designed similar runtime functionality, but in design mode, it was very difficult to keep it all straight.)

Some systems allow you to determine where the tabs are located - Across the top or bottom or Down one of the sides.

Most systems allow more than one row of tabs.

The main tricks are

MS Access 97

Tab Control In order to move a control on the form to a tab page, you can use cut and paste. However, there is a catch - if you click where you want the control to go, it probably won't work. Before you paste, click on the tab's label so that the tab page's handles are displayed. If you click inside the tab page, then the page's handles are not shown and you will paste the control back on the form, not on the page.

Basic Tab Control help is all but missing.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
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