Computer Locked Scam

For the past few years, there has been a security scam where a web page locks your computer and says that you need to call some number to fix the problem.

Actually, the computer is not locked - it just appears to be. In fact, if you have more than one monitor attached, it is easy to remove the scam page and not lose anything.

It isn't important, but my friend accessed one of these scam pages by making a single letter typo when trying to access a page. I am not providing details because I don't want anyone else to be affected. And - YES - we did report the scam page to several groups that should help take it down.

This page exists because all the help pages I found worked .. but then you lost all the open tabs.

The procedure detailed below worked for me without losing any of the open tabs :)

How I removed one of these

For those who don't already know, JavaScript is what allows interactive web pages - like email, shopping, and maps - to show dynamic content. Unfortunately, it also allows bad actors to lock the browser .. as in the scam page we are about to get rid of. In this case, the scam page used JavaScript to hide the tab bar and to capture almost all key presses. As a result, I can not

Therefore, the solution is to Some changes made to Chrome won't take effect until after you restart it. Disabling JavaScript is one of those. Once you restart Chrome with JavaScript disabled (and removed the bad page) you can re-enable JavaScript without restarting Chrome - simply refreshing a page will allow it to run (must do this for each page/tab).

As mentioned above, there must be at least 2 instances of Chrome running. You can use Alt-Tab to switch between open windows (instances). For the following to work, you must first switch to a Chrome window that is not locked by the scam page. If you have multiple monitors, you might be able to do this with the mouse, otherwise, you need to use Alt-tab.

In Chrome, there are 3 dots in the upper right.

The rest of the instructions refer to the options on the Settings page This allows Chrome to reopen all the current tabs after we shut it down.

After a restart, this stops all sites from using JavaScript which will allow you to close the scam site. After the problem is fixed, you will need to change this back. Now it is time to crash Chrome - this will force a hard stop.

There should be several instances of Chrome displayed Select the one with the parentheses and click End task. That should close Chrome and all the tabs. That should restore all the open tabs .. including the one with the scam page.

On the system I was using, it was obvious which page was the scam - it had a big warning on it. Use Ctrl-W to close just that tab. (The 'X' on the tab should also work)

At this point, the problem is solved .. but JavaScript still needs to be re-enabled for all the other pages :)

At this point, none of the open tabs are using JavaScript .. but they are allowed to. Pressing F5 (refresh) will cause the current tab to use JavaScript.

As an alternative, you could use the Task Manager to stop Chrome and reopen it so that all pages would run Javascript.

I performed these steps on a friends machine and might have left out a minor point or two. (Hope not) Good luck.

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Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// / Parasites / ComputerLockedScam.html