Integretel / Email Discount Network - Computer Fraud
Started 02-06-06

Here is a different parasite - you surf the web and charges magically appear on your phone bill.

This scam is run by Integretel / Email Discount Network

General symptoms

Well, then how is this a computer virus?

Simple, they claim that I signed up for a discounted email account over the internet with

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Corporation ID


I use tracert to track the physical locations of web sites (it will not give you a gps location, but it will tell you in which country a site is hosted).

This trace was made 02-06-06

Well, INTEGRETEL.COM had an IP address 3 days ago, but not today (Feb 06, 2006)

Related Sites

Residential Email has almost the exact same Terms and Conditions as ednmail and the exact same IP address This is located at the same address as EDNMAIL (aka Coupon Club Of America) This site used to have the same phone number (1-408-362-4000 in the Jul 28, 2005 Google cache)

ednmail - Terms and Conditions

This information is excerpted from Terms and Conditions

References Claiming problems with "Email Discount Network"

References relate to problems with "Integretel"


The phone company was not much help - they just gave me a phone number to try and get the charges removed.

I talked about this problem with my representative to Congress (at a Town Hall Meeting). His aid suggested that I call the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC).

The SCC was EXTREMELY helpful

In this case, the state government was great - they removed a false charge from my bill. I only wish that they prosecuted these @#$'s with attempted grand theft.

The Federal Law requires phone companies to accept charges such as these ... it is a part of deregulation.

The real problem here is that anyone can add charges to YOUR bill ... it is the default - if you object, you must call and tell the phone company not to allow them. Then you must call the company that added the charges to get them removed.

A better system (in my opinion) would be that the phone company MUST disallow such charges until you specifically allow them by calling the phone company yourself.


Author: Robert Clemenzi
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