Proposed Legal Action with regard to Distributors of Commercial Parasites

I have spent 2 days trying to get rid of another Commercial Parasite.

Commercial Parasites have become a major problem, costing millions of dollars a month in lost productivity. It is time for laws that protect the consumers.

This crap qualifies as CyberTerrorism - as a result the FBI and Homeland security should be actively involved. That's right, it is time for the federal government to protect me (and my rights) from CyberTerrorism, CyberTheath, and CyberVandlism. This should not be left to local jurisdictions - the cost to prosecute is just too high.

It is time to suggest appropriate legal action to protect our rights.

What Should be Illegal | Immediate Action
Why the Federal Government Should Protect Us | Current Laws | References

What Should be Illegal

In all cases, the law must protect the user, not the company providing the software. Many parasites do state that they will take over your system ... but they don't say exactly what they are going to do and they make it very difficult to get rid of them. If it takes more than 5 minutes to get rid of the software, then the software should be considered hostile, and the law should protect the users.

Most of these programs should also be considered as Vandalism. Someone has the right to ride a subway ... but they don't have the right to paint the cars.

If I visit a site, they *may* have the right to show me an add, but they don't have the right to take over my computer and to lock me out. They don't have the right to keep me from fixing the system. They don't have the right to clutter the screen with anything. This is nothing less than vandalism and theft.

Immediate Action

As soon as a judge has reviewed the evidence and verified that the law is being violated, these actions should be allowed (ie, simply accusing a company of these crimes and presenting evidence is enough to take action) Simply deleting the offending file must be adequate - files that recreate themselves are not acceptable.

To be perfectly clear - Commercial Parasites cost the US economy millions of dollars per month. As a result, a federal judge should have the power to protect the public before a trial is held.

If you have a terrorist with bomb making materials, you don't leave them alone until they

No, Commercial Parasites are a form of terrorism. They affect the structure of our society and our overall productivity.

This is not a freedom of speech issue - any one can post anything they want on their own web page (and I don't advocate blocking those pages). The issue is running their software on my machine

Innocent until proven guilty applies to a crime that was committed in the past. In this case, since the crime is being continuously committed, the first response of the court should be to stop the crime and to aid in fixing the current problems (removing the destructive software).

Why the Federal Government Should Protect Us

Currently, most of the legal action appears to be taken by local (or state) courts. I'm in Virginia, but only the New York court is prosecuting this case - How am I represented?

There are many similarities to the EPA - the federal government handles many of these cases, not the local government. The EPA has the ability to stop companies from continued pollution before a full trial has taken place.

Current Laws

Virginia has a law concerning spam email ... but what about parasites that live on your computer?



Author: Robert Clemenzi
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