Water Vapor - JPL paper

In my research on water vapor, I came across a paper from JPL prepared for the Air Force with funding from NASA. It is not my intent to review the paper. However, on page 18, values of saturation water vapor are provided without a source. This caught my eye. Most references are very specific - the standard is defined at 0.01C, not 0.00C. For instance, according to Review of the vapour pressures of ice and supercooled water for atmospheric applications by D. M. Murphy and T. Koop, 29 Dec 2006 Different temperatures, different partial pressures, confused reader.

At any rate, I tried to determine which set of formulas the paper's authors used to compute their examples .. of the 17 models I implemented in my software, their numbers almost match WMO_Goff.

The data in the table was generated by a program - the grey boxes highlight values within 0.01 of the values in the JPL Paper, except that for the 0.00C column, the range is +/- 0.002.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// mc-computing.com / Science_Facts / Water_Vapor / JPL_paper.html