I got tired of using several programs to capture images of the software I was developing and wrote my own program - ScreenCapture.exe.

This has the advantage that I can capture any window (release the mouse in the title bar), or any Windows control (buttons, radio buttons, edit fields, and so forth) in any Windows application. Just left click the Get Control Image button and release the button over the control you want.

The captured image can be

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This is an image of ScreenCapture.exe (resized for display here) after capturing the temperature control from my Water Vapor Computations program. The function of the buttons is obvious. Besides capturing an image, I use the clipboard to transfer images to/from GIMP when I need to make minor mods - like hiding a username in an error box.

Loading a file is a simple way to check its contents or to convert it from one type to another.


As an example, these images are from my Water Vapor Computations program. This first image shows the entire application - it was captured by releasing the mouse in the window title bar. By releasing the mouse on the words Cloud base, I was able to capture just the TPanel control. Releasing on Altitude or anywhere inside the panel, except on a control, produces the same result. Releasing on the words Lapse Rate, I was able to capture just the radio group. And so forth - any Windows control you release the mouse on will be captured. Text on a Delphi form is not implemented as a Windows control and can not be captured - edit boxes, radio buttons, and the like are. Some applications (like GIMP) don't use any Windows controls and, as a result, only complete windows can be capture, but not individual controls.


Size Comparisons

Using the large image above (shown at 50% here), these are the file sizes

I was not able to detect any visual difference between the files.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// / Tools / ScreenCapture.html