System Upgrade - ATI Remote Wonder
Feburary 19, 2004

We have a new Windows XP Pro system with the ATI 9600 Pro video board (and it seems to work ok).

Gemstar GuidePlus+

TV listing software (Gemstar GuidePlus+) comes with this product. It worked fine for a few weeks ... then one day, the mouse cursor just disappeared. Every time the listing software is run, the mouse cursor disappears after about 3 seconds. On the ATI site, they admit that they are studying the problem but that there is no solution. As a result, this software is no longer usable. (I was not able to find any system changes during the 24 hour period between when it worked fine and when it failed.) This problem has been reported and frequently discussed since July 2003, and in February 2004 ATI has not reported a fix.

I hate to get on ATI's case about this problem - I write software, and on several (more than two) occasions, software that I have written worked perfectly on Windows 98 and completely crashed or gave wrong results when run on Windows XP. So, it is possible that it isn't really their fault that these things fail, but it is their fault if they don't fix the problems.

Oh yes, this problem started RIGHT AFTER GuidePlus+ downloaded a new listing.

Apparently, the problem can be "fixed" by modifying the registry (as reported Nov 19, 2003)

When DisplaySize is 4, the cursor disappears, when it is 3, the software works as expected. This value is set when YOU change the display size (small, medium, large, ...), 4 means full screen. Well, it makes sense to hide the cursor when the display is full screen, but in GuidePlus+ the display is just in the upper lefthand corner, the registry "says" that it is full screen, and the software hides the cursor. Go figure.

I have to make this modification on a regular basis. (Quality software.)

Another suggested "fix" is to delete (or rename) the dll that displays the live image in GuidePlus+. Actually, this is an improvement, it allows you to watch any show you want while using the listings program instead of having to watch whatever you clicked on.

Unfortunately, this also disables the record function.

Remote Wonder

The video board also comes with an RF remote control - the Remote Wonder. The software that uses the remote crashes every time the remote is used to close the TV. Every time.

After about 2 months, we received the new Remote Wonder II. I have never gotten this device to work. When the USB radio receiver is plugged in, Windows XP Pro never recognizes it. Yes, I downloaded the new driver. Yes I followed the instructions I found via Google. As far as I can determine, the product just doesn't work.

Apparently, the remote and the driver are made by X10 - therefore, ATI says that they really can't do anything about the problems (hey now, that's customer service).

GuidePlus+ was supposed to record a program. I made the mistake of leaving the new receiver plugged in - the software recognized that I wanted to record a program ... but because the old receiver was not plugged in, the software refused to record the program. Excuse me, this software won't run unless a dongle is plugged in. Give me a break!

In addition, there does not appear to be any way to have more than one of these systems in one location - if I want one system upstairs and another downstairs, tough.


ATI makes a great video card, but stay away from the remote control.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
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