System Upgrade - Adobe CS3
Part 2 - December 08, 2007

This is part 2 of my experience installing Adobe CS3 Master Collection - this is a second file because the first page was getting too large.

Adobe Stock Photos

When I saw Adobe Stock Photos I figured Boy was I wrong. This is a tool to sell you photos - though Adobe says that "customers never pay more than list price", I assume they get some profit.

For example, the image in the tutorial was about $300. (The FAQ says $50 to $500 per image per resolution.) No, I'm not spending that kind of money to produce a web page.

There is a confusing license

(By the way, you can NOT copy text from the license (pdf) to the clipboard, so I had to manually type this.) The following is from the FAQ
Most comp images ... are not licensed for production use.

How long can I use a comp image after I've downloaded it?
The license agreement for a comp image allows for a 30-day tryout usage of the image.

Of course - I could not find that in the license. Actually the phrase comp image is not defined in any of the Adobe documents (I even tried F1 help) ... it could mean almost anything.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Basically, then entire purpose of this application to sell photos - what a rip off. (Unless you are making a living producing graphics for profit, then this makes a lot of sense.)

This is one application I won't install again.

(PS - In the old days, Corel Draw came with a CD full of clip art and photos.)

Adobe Fireworks

I used to be able to quickly view *.gif images by simply double clicking them - Now I have to wait for Fireworks to load ...

If I right click, I can still select Preview ... but this used to be the default.

Question - This system has Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator ... what purpose does Fireworks serve anyway? (I won't reinstall this either.)

One of the tutorials shows the use of controls to create an html form. This is actually pretty cool. Even better, Fireworks has Create Symbol Script that allows you to create your own controls with what ever properties you want. Other tutorials - html - show how to create a symbol from scratch - note that Fireworks creates JavaScript for these.

Windows Explorer and IE are Crippled

Ever sense installing Adobe CS3, everytime I double click an *.html file in Windows Explorer, I have to wait for the external USB drive to start-up.

Double clicking an *.html file opens it in IE.

For some reason, Windows Explorer is checking out DreamWeaver, Soundbooth, Fireworks, Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, and more Adobe files on the USB drive. Via RegMon, these are associated with

In all fairness, this appears to be a Windows XP design problem - there is no way that double clicking an *.txt file (configured to open in notepad) should require Windows Explorer to see which Adobe applications are still available.

Apparently, the rule here is that no programs should be placed on USB drives.

I am still collecting data on this ... but it takes a while for the USB drive to power down.


Adobe Soundbooth is a winner - use this to record and edit sound files (voice overs) ... but be sure to watch the tutorials

Size on Z-Drive

The z-drive was formatted ntfs, the size in the table is "space used on disk" which is usually larger than "space required". However, this is the value you need to make an informed decision.

Size on C-Drive

The c-drive was formatted ntfs, the size in the table is "space used on disk" which is usually larger than "space required". However, this is the value you need to make an informed decision.

Acrobat Re-Install

I removed Acrobat because it made my system unusable when the USB drive was missing. However, to accurately complete the tables above, I re-installed it ... what a mess. I can't believe that this wasted 1 hour 34 minutes to perform a 12 minute load ... and I could not use the system for anything while this was occurring (IE must not be open).

Now, everytime I right click any file in Windows Explorer, I have to wait for the USB drive to restart. This is because there are two acrobat selections in the the pop-up menu.

I am no longer able to remove the USB drive - Windows says that it is in use. Using Processes Explorer, there are 3 active Acrobat dll's. (I searched for all active dll's on the z-drive.)

spoolsv got me curious ... from notepad, when I try to print, Adobe PDF is now an option. In fact, it appears to be available for all applications. On the one hand, this is pretty cool ... but on the other hand, it cripples my system. In fact, CS3 is already using over 1 GB on the c-drive, why doesn't it place these there also?

Coming back from standby, Windows Explorer hung ... this problem went away after removing Acrobat ... now it is back.

On re-boot, this was running

and using 5 dll's on the USB drive. There was no indication of this on the desktop. There is a Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional icon on the desktop (I never allow programs to create these when there is an option).

The next step is to deactivate CS3, then uninstall it, then to load only Flash and Soundbooth on the c-drive. Details will be recorded on Part 3.

Other Sites

I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression and think that I am the only one upset with Abode's CS3 installation.

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