Configuring Windows Explorer
Policy Settings

This page describes the policy settings related to Windows Explorer. In general, these should be modified using only the Policy editor (poledit.exe). Several policies are operating system dependent (95, 98, NT4, ...). This page is just intended to explain how some of this works. I have not tested these in each operating system.

The folowing parameters are available under

In all cases, the properties are of the DWORD type where a zero (0) disables the setting (usually the default if the parameter is missing), or a one (1) restricts the user's ability.

Some settings can also be set under HKLM.

NoCommonGroups Removes the Start / Programs / [common programs] menu selections (NT4)
NoFavoritesMenu Removes the Start / Favorites... menu selection (98, NT4)
NoRecentDocsMenu Removes the Start / Documents menu selection
NoSetFolders Removes the Start / Settings / Control Panel menu selection and
Removes the Start / Settings / Printers menu selection
NoSetTaskbar Removes the Start / Settings / Taskbar... menu selection
NoSetActiveDesktop Removes the Start / Settings / Active Desktop menu selection
NoFileMenu Removes the Start / File menu selection (NT 4 SP2)
NoFind Removes the Start / Find menu selection
NoRun Removes the Start / Run... menu selection
NoClose Disable the Start / Shut Down... command
NoChangeStartMenu Prohibit the popup menu when the user right clicks the Start button
Can be applied via either HKCU or HKLM
NoTrayContextMenu Removes the context menus for the Start button, the clock, and other tray items (NT 4 SP2)
RestrictRun This flag is used in conjunction with the Explorer\RestrictRun key to keep users from running specific applications
NoDesktop Hide all icons on the user's desktop
NoDrives This is a special flag where each bit represents a drive leter 1=A 2=B 4=C 8=D etc. Any set bit disables that drive in Windows Explorer.
NoNetHood Hides the Network Neighborhood icon on the desktop, in Explorer, and elsewhere. Also limits some network functionality.
NoSaveSettings Keeps your desktop settings, including icon placement from being saved when you exit Windows.
(There may be 2 versions of this - Binary and DWORD)
NoFileMenu Removes Window Explorer's File menu (NT 4)
NoDriveTypeAutoRun Binary data ??
NoStartBanner Binary data ??
CDRAutoRun Binary data ??
EditLevel ??

In conjunction with the RestrictRun flag, each string value under

indicates a restricted application. The key names should be numeric, the values are the application names. Path names should not be entered.
Author: Robert Clemenzi -
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