Configuring Windows Explorer
Print a File

Windows provides a way to print to a file, but no easy way to send that file to a printer. The standard way to do this under DOS is to use It is possible to modify the registry to provide this basic command for all files. Unfortunately, using this technique, there is no way to execute the command without opening a DOS window. It should be possible to use either a pif file or a bat file to run the command minimized but ... all attempts to do this failed. For example In the pif file Lots of intermittents.

bat files with long names need 2 pif files - one for 8.3 and one for the long name. However, only the 8.3 pif file can be edited. Therefore, create and edit a pif file, rename it for the long name, and create and edit another.

A bat file fails if the path contains a space. Long filenames appear to be ok, but long directory names are not.

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