Global Warming as a Religion

At this point, you probably know what I think of "Global Warming".

I thought I would see what others said - so I searched for

there were over 3 million hits. (Yes, I was surprised.)

This page just acknowledges a few.

Pages agreeing that "Global Warming" is a religion

Maybe this page should be scrapped - most of the google hits are just blogs with no data.

Also, there were no obvious entries arguing that it is NOT a religion.

The 2 references above are good and should be used elsewhere.

Pages arguing that "Global Warming" is NOT a religion

I was not able to find any pages to address this position ... but of course, most pages simply imply that it is a fact and, therefore, there is "nothing to believe in".

What is a religion?

Well, I guess I should define what I mean by a religion ... With science

Messiah Gore

In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore implies In the Larry King interview, Mr. Gore said Well this religion has its messiah

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