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In the search for data, I found a number of anti-Global Warming sites that apparently just invented what ever facts they wanted. - Glaciers that are Growing

This is a controversial page - there are lots of very good links and a few very questionable links. Some of the data is good, and some of it appears to be invented. For instance, Well ... that's not quite correct. Most of the Antarctic ice is not actually considered to be glaciers - moving rivers of ice. Perhaps "90 percent of the world's ice is increasing" would be more accurate. This reference claims that but Dr. R. J. Braithwaite (via claims that This site contains a list of glaciers that are growing.

This reference totally debunks as pure crap. I agree with some of that ... but there are a lot of good references. You should read both articles and decide for yourself.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
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