Why I developed these pages concerning anthropogenic Global Warming

Several years ago I saw the 2 hour NOVA/Frontline piece on Global Warming. In my opinion, it was so full of logical errors and obvious propaganda that I started taking notes. When I tried to talk to people about it, it was apparent that they had been brainwashed - they couldn't even carry on a conversation - they couldn't understand why I wanted to question "the obvious truth" - it made them uncomfortable (almost like discussing religion).

Of course, that made me want to do more research.

Originally, I simply tried to expose the false logic and propaganda that no one else seemed to notice.

Eventually, I decided to try and understand what the science actually said.

When that didn't get very far, I made the ultimate mistake - I tried to prove that humans ARE causing Global Warming. (One of my philosophies is that you should not hold any position too closely until you can argue both sides of the issue. Basically, if you can not understand your opponent, then keep your mouth shut.) Well, that's when I realized that there is NO science to support anthropogenic Global Warming.

I admit that there are a lot of patterns and coincidences that suggest that humans might cause Global Warming - but so far I have not found any evidence to suggest that we actually are affecting the climate.

Obviously, I have not read everything that exists - but I am familiar with most of what is on the web. Actually, there is very little real data to support either side. Most frustratingly (I think it's a word), many technical papers cost about $60 each to read. It is possible that one of these contains the data to completely settle the argument - but at that price, times the hundreds I would have to read, I am willing to consider them insignificant. I hold the same opinion for books that cost $100 or more. And a $60K degree in climatology isn't going to happen.

In my opinion, if some group wants to suggest that people are hurting the Earth, it is their responsibility to make the facts freely available to support their position. Since they haven't done that, and since they have made tons of propaganda and false arguments available, they have pretty much proven themselves wrong - all they are selling is *fear*.

My Credentials

My credentials are irrelevant - the facts should speak for themselves.

If there are no facts, then that is the fault of those trying to control the rest of us.

If the facts are clear, but most people can not understand them, then that is the fault of the public education system.

But, if there are facts, then most of us can learn how to interpret them if someone tries to teach us. I firmly believe that people have the ability to learn ... and I feel that these pages are a start.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// questionable-science.com / Global_Warming / Why.html