Macintosh Notebook

Everyone always claims that the Mac is far superior to the PC.

I borrowed a Macintosh PowerBook 190cs for a few days. This system did NOT have the MS Windows emulator on it.

Based on the observations below, I would never recommend this machine to anyone. Editing simple html files in the text editor is extremely painful.


Keyboard Differences

Granted, these comments refer to a portable Mac, but these are ridiculous.


I really did not write this just to bash Mac's. However, once I started to actually use one, I wanted to record what I saw. And, like most of my notes, I am sharing them with you.

I actually like the idea of a single menu for all applications instead of the Windows and Unix OpenX concept of a separate menu per window. Perhaps this should be a configurable option (user preference).

At any rate, the next time someone tells me how great their Mac is, I now have some talking points.

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