Win 95 Tips

There are literally hundreds of Windows 95/98/NT4 Tip pages and FAQs on the web. It is not the intent of this page to list them or to compete with them.

Instead these are tips that I have learned and want to write down. Basically, things that I want to remember. (Believe me - If I don't write it down ... its lost.)

Keyboard Shortcuts | System Properties | Starting Programs

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows-EOpen a new Windows Explorer window
Windows-BreakOpen System Properties
There are several ways to open the System Properties window.
  • Start / Settings / Control Panel / System (requires 4 mouse clicks),
  • Right click My Computer and select Properties (of course this requires hiding all 20 open windows first)
  • Windows Key-Break (Very useful when debugging hardware confilcts)
Windows-MMinimize all open windows
Windows-FOpen the Find All Files dialog (similar to F3)
Windows-ROpen the Run Program dialog
Windows-COpen the Control Panel
Windows-VOpen the Clipboard Viewer
Windows Open the Start Menu
Change the active window
Ctrl-InsCopy the selection to the clipboard
Shift-InsPaste the clipboard's contents into the active application
AltActivate the application's menu (toggle)
F10Activate the application's menu (toggle)
Shift-F10Activate the application's pop-up menu (cycles to main menu)
Alt-EnterToggle a DOS application between full screen and a window

On most keyboards, the Windows Key is between the Ctrl and Alt keys. (What a trick. Get all computers to have your logo on the keyboard. Even if the operating system is DOS, OS 2, or Linux, the keyboard advertises that Microsoft designed your hardware and software!)

The Windows Key shortcuts above work in Windows 98, however, several of them do not work in Windows 95.

To extend a selection, hold down the shift key. Then use either the arrow keys or the mouse to extend the selection.

System Properties

The System Properties dialog box is used to diagnose various hardware/driver problems. Use Windows Key-Break to open it.

Yes, there are two other ways to open this window - Start/Settings/Control Panel/System and right click My Computer/Properties - but once it is open, it hides under other windows since there is no button in the Taskbar. Either you have to close/minimize everything to find it, or you can use Windows Key-Break.

Sometimes, I want to check various system parameters that are displayed when the system boots. (You know, video card, printer ports, processor speed ...) Rather than re-booting each time you need this type of data, you could write it on the outside of the machine, or you could edit

to include what ever information you want. Then that information would be available every time you opened the System Properties dialog box.

Controlling How a Program Starts

Would you like to always start some programs maximized and, perhaps, others minimized? Well, simply use Problem: It opens a DOS window first. Looks pretty tacky.
Author: Robert Clemenzi -
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