Email Clients

These are just some notes on various email clients.

MS Outlook

By default, MS Outlook 98 (8.5.5104.6) sends new email in rtf format. (Great idea, send all new content in the proprietary Microsoft Rich Text Format. What a load of ...) This can be fixed by selecting Tools / Options... / Mail Format and setting Message format to Plain Text. (Never, ever, send email in anything other than plain text. Ever.) The Help window stays on top of all other windows. Thus, if you switch to another application, you must first close (not hide or minimize) the Outlook help window.


I have been told that AOL 6.0 only sends email in the HTML format and there is no option to turn that feature off.

I tested AOL 7.0 with email sent from MS Outlook 98. All 4 formats (text, html, rtf, ms word) were read sucessfully. However, in each case (except straight text), I changed one word to bold before sending the email, but that highlighting was not displayed in AOL 7.0.

AOL 6 & 7 both have the ability to display html email. explains why html email is sometimes displayed as text and indicates which html tags are ignored (mostly do to security issues).

Format HTML Email for AOL provides some additional data.

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