Databases - Firebird - Basic Operations

This is just to get you started.

To simply open and explore existing tables, use Database Explorer - this allows you to view data and create new tables.

Create a Database

Use ISQL to create a new database (*.fdb file) - either the command line or the windows version.

To open the Windows version, use either of these

Use File / Create Database... or the related toolbar button.

When creating a new database (*.fdb file) on a remote computer, place the remote computer's name in Server and a fully qualified path (including the drive letter) in Database. (The minimum file size is 568K.)

Add/Delete a User

Open the Server Manager via (I can't get it to connect either locally or remotely. There appears to be a problem using this Interbase tool with Firebird.)

(See Tutorial.pdf for full instructions.)

Basic Command Line Techniques

Only the command line tools come with Firebird, the Windows tools come with Interbase (which comes with Delphi).

Quick Start: Firebird on Windows provides the following basic command line techniques

The SQL Create Database command does not work in the Database Explorer SQL windows, instead use Windows ISQL.

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