Symbol Pocket PC - Compiling Samples

Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ comes with a lot of samples ... but without a tutorial on how to compile and load them.

This page describes my attempt to compile, download and run Symbol's ScanWedge sample.

Compile | Download and Run | Registry Settings | TCM |


There are a number of files that can not not be found when you move the source files to a new directory - be sure to copy the directories listed above.

There were still 2 files not found on my machine

However, these simply appear to be warnings ... at any rate the application compiled without errors (go figure). For instance, vibrate.h is called by and it is completely missing.

There was a short window that said something about not being able to run the program in the emulator. I suppose that is because it uses the barcode scanner (hardware not implemented in the emulator).

Download and Run

I just used copy and paste via Microsoft ActiveSync

First tried \Applications
then I tried \Program Files

I could not find the exe file in either place

I opened Start / Programs / File Explorer and double clicked the exe ... it works.

Registry Settings

There is no registry editor on the Pocket PC ... instead in Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 use Tools / Remote Registry Editor. Be careful, it tends to hang a lot. Be sure to "synchronize", frequently - shortly after creating the ScanWedge key, the properties were automatically created. Of course you can't see the new values until you manually synchronize.

Based on information contained in ScanWedge.htm and SymbolHelp.chm under

AutoPIE Mode

Simply creating the registry key and then running ScanWedge.exe automatically creates all the values (this will save a lot of typing).

Terminal Configuration Manager (TCM)

Warning Do NOT do this! It erases all your settings.

This download method is described in Chapter 10 of the Symbol Pocket PC 8800 PDF Manual.

The first time you run TCM, you need to configure it. By default, the flash drive is split 50/50 between Platform and Application. However, the actual device is I suggest not changing something that works. Before dragging the exe file to the script window, be sure that Application is highlighted.

Of course, I got a warning

The file ScanWedge.exe might not be compatible with the PPT8800w v1.1 64M device

Do you want to add this file to the script?

Of course, I have no way to know if it is compatible or not.

I saved the script as ScanWedge.tcm in the default directory.

Build - I selected Application only and named the output as ScanWedge.hex

It took me a long time (> 2 days) to get this device configured. Now, in order to download a file, I have to perform a hard reset - I have to wipe out all configuration information.

This is where I stopped and rebuilt the system.

Author: Robert Clemenzi -
URL: http:// / user / clemenzi / technical / Languages / PocketPC / CompilingSamples.html