Annual Temperature Plots - Overview

I have developed a tool to plot annual GHCN temperature data from over 5,000 global sites. The quality of the data, and of any analysis performed with that data, is of interest to everyone. However, the number of years of data from each station is also important. For instance, there are 5255 GHCN adjusted sites. So an argument can be made that only 520 sites have a sufficient amount of valid information to try and determine if Global Warming is occurring or not. (Based on those stations - the Earth is warming, but there is no correlation with CO2.)

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Excluded stations

One of the advantages of the tool is that you can see which stations are being used and which ones are excluded as you apply various filters.


The ocean data is a bit weird, and I am sure it is based on the best science available. But I don't trust it! At any rate, using the tool, it is pretty obvious that the sampling patterns changed during the 2 world wars.



This plot routine is based on the 08 May 2015, version of the Temperature Tool used in Week 2 - Temperature of UQx: Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial.

Their help video (by Kevin Cowtan) is pretty good and mostly still applies to the new program.

My tool (with a change log) is expanded and enhanced, but uses the same data.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
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